Monday, September 6, 2010

Tahanan Village Bazaar 2010-UPDATE

My first bazaar for 2010 was a success in a lot of ways. It was my first solo bazaar since my cousins and I started in 2007. Sans the solo stint and the profit, I guess the one thing that made it a success was the presence of my dear Din. Yup, he was with me from the start till the last mass, through the hot weather and sticky air, through setting up my table until pack up time, through customer inquiries and orders, through a sale or a no sale, through being my assistant to his "kind" of selling. Its like a three in one promo for me. We got to spend quality bonding time together and at the same time I was able to market my goods and share a couple of quick chats with my clients. Now, who says that Sundays should be boring and only spent at home?! Also I was able to see and talk with friends I only see during bazaars--my bazfriends! It was really a good and memorable Sunday--and yes, we got our bases covered before 12nn!

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