Monday, February 23, 2009

Wiggly Earrings

The past weekend was a very productive weekend for me indeed. I got very busy with playing with my WigJig. One of the many gifts I received from my hubby last Christmas. I created a couple of earrings which are now displayed at Creative Outlet. I fondly call them wiggly earrings. They are made of dark brown 0.6 wire with glass and crystal earrings as drops to add color and dimension to the whole wiggly look.

Look at how perfect they were:
I had fun doing them and hope that the person who wishes to order and wear them will have a lot of fun wearing them too.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Suunto Lumi is it!

Speaking of special occasions, I would like to share with you what I got from my hubby Din as gift. (Christmas 08). He got me a Suunto Lumi Sportif.

I have never been fond of watches. I only wore them when the need necessitates like when I was at school and during nursing practice. To say the least I am not a watch person, its just so ironic since I am very much a slave of time itself. Time makes my world go round, bounded by it as I open my eyes to start my day and way beyond I close my eyes to sleep.

But when I set my eyes on the Suunto Lumi, I could not get it off no more. It was love at first site for me! It was just a chance encounter for me and my Lumi Sportif, an encounter that started a love affair and hopefully will continue until I have to get a new Suunto.....hmmmm what do you think? a florette or a terra? Either or its still be a Suunto and its worth it!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jetty

Happy Birthday Ditche!!! All the best for your married life, daughter, career and dreams. Hope to see you by June. Much love your way!!!

Happy Birthday Facebook

Its Facebook's birthday today and I decided to share with you 25 random things about myself. A friend from facebok tagged me and until now I havent shared with her my 25 random things. (Nora come and visit my blog).

Now would be the best time to share...I guess.

25 random things

  1. Im a virgo.
  2. My birthdate is 16 days apart from Din's.
  3. I eat a lot.
  4. I dont like vegetables.
  5. Im a neat freak.
  6. Im stubborn. (maybe because Im a first born)
  7. I want things to go my way, always, all the time.
  8. I only listen to reason when the person talking to me is already angry. (I have issues, I know)
  9. I am a sucker for chocolates. (3 muskeeteers is the way)
  10. I used to want to be a doctor but discovered that I have a skill in nursing. (I enjoyed every moment of my nursing life)
  11. I love jewelries. (bracelets.....oh bracelets)
  12. I can talk non stop the whole day.
  13. I am opinionated. (but respects the opinion of others)
  14. I love to shop.
  15. I need to unlearn how to be mean.
  16. I dont like cooking.
  17. I can be a nag especially when things are not where I want them to be.
  18. I grew up with Aristocrat pork bbq with jave rice most Sundays. (Din and I still do it once in awhile...for the memories)
  19. I love dancing.
  20. I can watch television the whole day and be a couch potato for a week. (yuck!)
  21. My desk is always messy when I scrap and do beadwork.
  22. I still pout and have temper tantrums.
  23. I can smoke, drink and play cards the whole day.
  24. I enjoy my family's company.
  25. I still dont know what i want to do when I grow up.
There you go. Random things that make me who I am.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Facebook or Not?!
I think aside from scrapbooking and beading I have been addicted to a new hobby. Yup, facebooking is my new craze. I have been introduce to this new craze by my cousin Pia. From the time I registered there was no looking back. To date I have 197 friends and still looking for my other long lost friends.

Through facebook I am discovering a lot of things from my many friends. To what they are doing, where they are, to what state of health they are in. Better, I get to comment on every aspect they write, upload and share. Its such a friendly site to be in right now. I could send my friends private messages too if the need arises. Just like sending them an email but why email if you can do it on facebook.

So now, if you'll ask me what Im doing right now? I am facebooking of course!