Sunday, February 8, 2009

Suunto Lumi is it!

Speaking of special occasions, I would like to share with you what I got from my hubby Din as gift. (Christmas 08). He got me a Suunto Lumi Sportif.

I have never been fond of watches. I only wore them when the need necessitates like when I was at school and during nursing practice. To say the least I am not a watch person, its just so ironic since I am very much a slave of time itself. Time makes my world go round, bounded by it as I open my eyes to start my day and way beyond I close my eyes to sleep.

But when I set my eyes on the Suunto Lumi, I could not get it off no more. It was love at first site for me! It was just a chance encounter for me and my Lumi Sportif, an encounter that started a love affair and hopefully will continue until I have to get a new Suunto.....hmmmm what do you think? a florette or a terra? Either or its still be a Suunto and its worth it!!!

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