Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Facebook or Not?!
I think aside from scrapbooking and beading I have been addicted to a new hobby. Yup, facebooking is my new craze. I have been introduce to this new craze by my cousin Pia. From the time I registered there was no looking back. To date I have 197 friends and still looking for my other long lost friends.

Through facebook I am discovering a lot of things from my many friends. To what they are doing, where they are, to what state of health they are in. Better, I get to comment on every aspect they write, upload and share. Its such a friendly site to be in right now. I could send my friends private messages too if the need arises. Just like sending them an email but why email if you can do it on facebook.

So now, if you'll ask me what Im doing right now? I am facebooking of course!

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