Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Facebook

Its Facebook's birthday today and I decided to share with you 25 random things about myself. A friend from facebok tagged me and until now I havent shared with her my 25 random things. (Nora come and visit my blog).

Now would be the best time to share...I guess.

25 random things

  1. Im a virgo.
  2. My birthdate is 16 days apart from Din's.
  3. I eat a lot.
  4. I dont like vegetables.
  5. Im a neat freak.
  6. Im stubborn. (maybe because Im a first born)
  7. I want things to go my way, always, all the time.
  8. I only listen to reason when the person talking to me is already angry. (I have issues, I know)
  9. I am a sucker for chocolates. (3 muskeeteers is the way)
  10. I used to want to be a doctor but discovered that I have a skill in nursing. (I enjoyed every moment of my nursing life)
  11. I love jewelries. (bracelets.....oh bracelets)
  12. I can talk non stop the whole day.
  13. I am opinionated. (but respects the opinion of others)
  14. I love to shop.
  15. I need to unlearn how to be mean.
  16. I dont like cooking.
  17. I can be a nag especially when things are not where I want them to be.
  18. I grew up with Aristocrat pork bbq with jave rice most Sundays. (Din and I still do it once in awhile...for the memories)
  19. I love dancing.
  20. I can watch television the whole day and be a couch potato for a week. (yuck!)
  21. My desk is always messy when I scrap and do beadwork.
  22. I still pout and have temper tantrums.
  23. I can smoke, drink and play cards the whole day.
  24. I enjoy my family's company.
  25. I still dont know what i want to do when I grow up.
There you go. Random things that make me who I am.

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