Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Big Leap

I used to be part of Creative Outlet, but just recently I decided to move on a different direction and registered for my own business. Consecutively, I also decided to move my creative blog to another blog address. You can now catch site of my handcrafted jewelry here.

With the recent move, there are so many surprises in store for you. Expect for more intricate and unique pieces as I put an edge on my craft.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today is a Blessed Day

I didnt know that today will be a different and special day. At the start of my day, I was excited to meet with friends at Bonifacio Global City to test run the Adidas KOTR 10km route, except of course for the flyover marker which we opted to simulate it at Lawton Road. We started at 630am and ended past 8am. The route was challenging to say the least. There were enough hills to make me go slow and ponder on if I will really join the race and endure this route again. When we reached Lawton Road the part going to Mckinley, I thought I could never go back to where we came from but an unknown kind of strength and focus helped me go through the uphills again. I made it and my friend did too! We were dead tired, hunched but most of all injury free. What followed was a happy breakfast moment between my friend and our husbands.

Then when I got home and opened the computer, I got the biggest surprise - my business name was finally approved by the Department of Trade and Industry. Now its official, my creations will officially be under Carrie Cordero Handcrafted Jewelry Designs. I will still use my flickr account to showcase my collections and I can now be reached at

As in all blessings, they come in 3s. My third blessing for today was an email from a friend informing me that she showed her writer friend my flickr account and her friend's reaction was - "cool. will forward it to my editor". Who wouldn't be happy with that news. =)

Yes, today is a good day. A blessed day indeed!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Want to Be Official

This morning I received an email from the Department of Trade and Industry informing me the business name that I applied for was rejected. The reason they gave was valid and they even gave me a guideline for re-submission of my application. I have listed 3 new names and the first name in my list was accepted. I opted for Carrie Lynn Designs Handcrafted Jewelry and the search that came out in their database was name still available. =) Now I just have to wait for their email of confirmation and instructions thereafter. Crossed fingers!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of a Kind Pieces: From Me to You

Since yesterday my brain is working overtime thinking about a company name. I wanted it to be reflecting how I express and love my art. So for the meantime that I havent come up with one yet, let me refresh your memory of my collection. You can view them at Carrie Cordero

Let me remind you too of the services I offer.
  • Recreate an item which is already sold, please check designs in my flickr account.
  • Customize a design for you and your friends for that very unique 'YOU' look.
  • Restring a pre-loved item which you cannot use anymore.
  • Reserve a private time for you and your friends for an exclusive 'All Girl Accessory Party' of the collection in my home or I could bring them over to your home at your most convenient time.
I hope to share inspiring stories about my handmade jewelries to you, your family and girlfriends. Drop me a line or two at Hear from you soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Going solo? Hell YES!!!

Im still in awe that I was able to pull through a solo bazaar. I didnt imagine that I would be using two tables, my own beading table and the organizer's. Who would imagine that I filled up every space there was with items I did. I started creating since January but I didnt give as much passion as I gave when August 1 came. Since the first day of August I was like a machine - cutting, circling, twisting, match making and packing. I made a lot of everything I wanted to show, share and sell. Because of my early preparations, I was able to practically sit and relax the day before my big day. Yup, I went to the mall and bough two lights for my booth and had a wonderful dinner with Din, a first for me.

From the time I started joining bazaars with my cousins I was always, always still in a hurry to make something or to finishing something or to prepare for something. I always get tensed and restless the day before which affects my mood for the big day. As I was thinking of the many reasons why I was always like that, I could only think of one major reason and that is if I would be able to make a sale since my cousins and I make the same items. We only vary with the bead colors we choose and the materials we want to play with. And since doing the solo thing yesterday, I realized a lot of things.

Since January I have been playing with one material which my cousins do not usually play with and that is wire (aluminum and copper). From that time I fell in love with the things I was able to do, create and define. Now that I have concentrated on a medium and made the most of what I could think of given the time I have, I was so happy to say that the bazaar yesterday at Tahanan Village was a sort of a solo exhibit too for me. I showcased all of my creations! And my audience loved them! But don't get me wrong here, little did I know that my cousin wont join the recently concluded bazaar have I not asked her if she is already preparing for it. I was shocked to hear that she wont join and forego of this wonderful event. With that, well I couldn't do anything about it and just informed her that I will try my luck and go solo. Luckily, luck was on my side and the situation made me realize that I could pull through, relaxed and happier!

Tahanan Village Bazaar 2010-UPDATE

My first bazaar for 2010 was a success in a lot of ways. It was my first solo bazaar since my cousins and I started in 2007. Sans the solo stint and the profit, I guess the one thing that made it a success was the presence of my dear Din. Yup, he was with me from the start till the last mass, through the hot weather and sticky air, through setting up my table until pack up time, through customer inquiries and orders, through a sale or a no sale, through being my assistant to his "kind" of selling. Its like a three in one promo for me. We got to spend quality bonding time together and at the same time I was able to market my goods and share a couple of quick chats with my clients. Now, who says that Sundays should be boring and only spent at home?! Also I was able to see and talk with friends I only see during bazaars--my bazfriends! It was really a good and memorable Sunday--and yes, we got our bases covered before 12nn!