Friday, May 28, 2010

The Most Important reason to join Running Events

Upon reading the Bald Runner's blog, I pondered on some questions posted on his May 18 entry. Specifically about the most important factor/s we consider in joining races since there are a lot of running events going on this month. And yes, I do agree with the Bald Runner when he suggested that May be the Month of Running. Why not?!

Now, going back to the factors to consider in joining race events. I could only vouch for me and Din since the question we always ask is "if and is the race for a cause (for the environment, for the sick and needy, housing projects, etc)?"

If yes, then we would be sure to join the event and help in anyway we can. We close our eyes to registration fees, the route (no matter how difficult they may be, this is what happened to me when we joined Takbo para sa PGH- I had no practice for the event and just ran my heart out all along thinking that for every step I make I could be helping a sick child), to race organizers, the singlet (we can run using our own shirts anyway) and most especially to the loot bags. No amount of loot can surmount the joy and happiness we feel when we know we can help in our own little way.

I also cannot deny that when we first joined running events we were sucked up by the event's publicity and hype, celebrity endorser and sponsors but in the end we realized and felt that it was quite fulfilling to be part of something grand like helping others.

With this, I hope there will be more running events geared to helping others, to alleviate pain and suffering and more to education. To the Bald Runner, thank you Sir for posting those questions. I think every runner should think twice before joining events especially those super hyped up events. Well, to each his own, no matter our choice is I just hope its for a good cause.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Creative Outlet drives me crazy

Im full of ideas for Creative Outlet - from experimenting on new designs to packaging to product stickers to new calling cards. So many little projects on hand and on mind, all of them half baked. Im still in vacation mode I guess :) From this time to mid August surely I hope to finish them all and have you take a peek :D

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Creations for Creative Outlet

Our trip in Singapore inspired me a lot so ever since we came back I have been experimenting with working with wire. A lot of bending, wrapping, drawing and wire waste after, I have come up with two designs to add to my wire collection this year.

Im giving Din ample time to take some pictures of my new creations though. He is so busy with work and I dont want to pressure him so. Hope you understand. But dont worry it will be worth the loooong wait :)

Bangle Galore

On our 3rd day in SG I insisted that we visit Little India. From my cousin Pia's flat we took the train and landed in Little India. We do not know anything about the place but we just explored and walked around. Below are two of the best stores that we went to. I had an awesome time trying all the bangles that I want. Different colors for every outfit that I have. Yipeee!!!!

This is every girls dream visit. Singapore's Little India is one jewelry haven. I need to go back there soon!

Singapore 2010

There were a lot of things going on in my life for a few weeks now. Some of them I have already shared with you here. Like being a new Aunt to my sister's baby Audie. The little girl is 8 lbs now, she grew so much in just a month :). A few of my running stints with Din and what's new with the Psoriasis community. Today I will share with you my adventures in Singapore with Din, my cousin Pia and her best friend Griz.

Din and I visited my cousin in SG sometime in March. We stayed there for a couple of days. Visited the city's malls, ate a lot, rode all means of transportation available, saw Sentosa, took pictures of every animated character we saw, ate the biggest burger we could find and had a blast at their roller coaster. And oh we even had dinner at Din's long time friend Kate who also lives in SG.

Here are some of the pictures of our visit.

With my cousin Pia at Terminal 2.

With Pia and Griz at Sentosa.

Din and I really had a great time at Universal Studios. We were like kids roaming around the park. We hope to visit its LA version soon :)