Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Summer Fair Art Fest 2011

Carrie Cordero Jewelry Designs will be at the Summer Fair Art Fest this coming April 2, Saturday at Bahay ng Alumni, U.P. Diliman from 10am till 7pm.

Come and join us for a day full of fun, surprises and art, art, and more art!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Hubby: Certified Marathoner

My dear hubby is now a certified marathoner! He finished 42.195kms at Nuvali yesterday with an unofficial time of 4hrs53mino5secs. He event was organized by The Bull Runner .

WooHoo! Good job Hanebe!

Congratulations my dear! Sooo proud of you!

Congratulations too to all the TBRDM participants. Recover well guys!

Stay tuned for a more detailed account at The Running Duo.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Psoriasis Meet Ups

This is a great way to meet and bond with members of Psoriasis Philippines. There will be meet ups every 3rd Saturday of the month starting this month at the PPRC office at 1pm.

For further info please call the office at 02-889.3596 or send an SMS at +63 922 829 7767 or you may send an email at info@psorphil.org

Have a fun filled weekend ahead!

Friday, March 18, 2011

2 Days to Go

Two days to go. Two days before TBR Dream Marathon. Two more days of anticipation, preparation, excitement, doubt and drama. Yes, the TBRDM will make every first time marathoner feel all of these sensations. These sensations are just like what my hubby is experiencing right now. Let me share with you what he has to say here.

Good luck Hanebe! You can do it! You have trained so hard for this. You have sacrificed many sleeping hours so that you could be on the road to train. This is it! In two more days it will be your time to shine. Think about your plan of making a PR of -5H. Well, PR or no PR just bring home that beautiful medal for me, okay!

Good luck to all TBR Dream Marathoners! Finish strong and injury free guys!

See you all at the finish line.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today like no other Day

Today, my doctor told me that I passed all of my blood tests.
Today, my doctor told me to continue exercising.
Today, is a sunny/windy day.
Today, my multiply contact list grew to 100.
Today, I got a message from a new friend.
Today, someone appreciated my wire work designs.
Today, I am proud of my achievements.
Today is a good and blessed day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Thankful For

Everyday we have a lot in mind to be thankful for. For one we are always always thankful that we are alive and is still making a difference in this world. No matter how big or small they are...still we are part of that difference.

I am so deeply thankful to two people I call friends. I have been touched by their generous heart and open mindedness. One I met a few years back through a friend who scrapbooks and the other I met only about two years ago through my husband. I do not see them often or communicate with them that much, but when we do correspond, we always feel love and understanding.

Maybe that is how true friendship is. I do not know much about it since I have very very few friends and more of acquaintances. But I am so glad that in this lifetime, I have felt love from these women.

So to Alby and Kate, may we continue to be friends and learn from each other until forever. May both of you be showered with love, happiness and joy throughout your lifetime. May both of you overcome the obstacles in your lives with flying colors. May both of you receive the desires of your heart always. God bless dear friends!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Projects

My newest beading project The Crystal Bead Series.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Congratulations Finishers

Last night our very good friend Atty. Julius Cervantes (Life is a Highway) finished one very memorable and historic race, the 3rd Bataan Death March Ulta Marathon. A 102km road race with very few participants (less than 200) and with only 112 of them finishing the 18H cut-off time. Firmly holding the spot of finisher #108, congratulations again Atty J!

The race is not for the faint of heart, only very few people dare to join in since it will definitely challenge not only the physical body but the mind as well. I guess for someone to decide to run that long stretch, he/she must definitely have a sound mind.

To those who finished the recently concluded BDM 102K Ultra Marathon and the BDM 160K the week before, hats off to you guys and gals! You are making history!