Friday, March 18, 2011

2 Days to Go

Two days to go. Two days before TBR Dream Marathon. Two more days of anticipation, preparation, excitement, doubt and drama. Yes, the TBRDM will make every first time marathoner feel all of these sensations. These sensations are just like what my hubby is experiencing right now. Let me share with you what he has to say here.

Good luck Hanebe! You can do it! You have trained so hard for this. You have sacrificed many sleeping hours so that you could be on the road to train. This is it! In two more days it will be your time to shine. Think about your plan of making a PR of -5H. Well, PR or no PR just bring home that beautiful medal for me, okay!

Good luck to all TBR Dream Marathoners! Finish strong and injury free guys!

See you all at the finish line.

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