Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank You MZ

I am so honored to receive a blog comment from the author of Prophecy of the Sisters, Michelle Zink. These things doesn't happen to me everyday or better yet it doesn't happen to me at all (big smile).

Many many thanks Michelle. Your comment made my day too. Wait! on the contrary, it was a pick me up to my sad and restless week. :D

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prophecy of the Sisters

I had been down and out of the beading mojo since the Apex Event thing came into life. Until now we at Creative Outlet haven't had the chance to talk to the real organizers. Nor we had time to surprise them with a visit. Then again we wouldn't know what to say at their Village's security guards- we dont event know who really lives at the address we got from DTI. It was and is a sad thing. So sad that last weekend Din and I decided to give ourselves a break and reward.

Powerbooks is so near our place and what better way to reward oneself with - of course a book will do the trick. Yup, most of the time a good book is all it takes to make us smile and not ponder on the negative things that went our way.

Din got himself a techie book which I wound even try to understand. LOL! I on the other hand was not that too excited to get one but on the last minute as we were walking to the exit doors, a book, Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink, caught my eye. The book's cover made an impact of sorts, immediately I read the summary at the back. Though its a simple summary, at that moment I didn't hesitate one bit and just bought the book.

When we arrived home, I started reading and reading and reading. I couldn't take my eyes off the book. Though there are other things I have to do, most of the time I just stare at the book's cover and read the lines as though I am eating my favorite chocolate.

I didnt sleep last night, my agenda was to really finish the book but and I did at 5am this morning but I was surprised that this book is a first of a three or five part series! I couldnt believe my eyes as I read the last page, then I realized this is another series, another saga, another set of books! When when when will be the next book be released??????? I am relieving the feeling of having to acquire and read all of the books that came after The Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford or the feelings I had with all the books of the Twilight Series. I even asked a cousin to get New Moon and Eclipse in Singapore.

But it is the waiting time that makes me more intense, more curious. Waiting gives me the pleasure of re-reading over and over again how sisters Lia and Alice became friends to enemies. The excitement is burning until the next book comes along.

My review: This book is amazing not only for young readers but with old timers like me. It is dark, goth like, mysterious, and really a page turner. I have cried, felt frustrated, been happy, been annoyed and hopeful with this book. Feelings that get me through the waiting time :D

Monday, October 19, 2009

Apex Events Bazaar Scam (update)

As per Department of Trade and Industry the owner/s of Apex Events lives at

# 4 Cucumber Street, Valle Verde 5 Pasig, NCR

Friday, October 16, 2009

Apex Events Bazaar Scam

Yes, you read it right, Creative Outlet have been a victim of a bazaar scam from Apex Events.

Apex Events is the organizer behind the would be bazaar at the Makati Sports Club on November 28-29. There were no notices informing us that the bazaar will no longer push through. Had my cousin Lia not call and confirm at the Makati Sports Club last Wednesday, we wont even know about it. What happened? Where are the organizers? How could this happen to us? How about our joining fee, how can we be able to claim our hard earned money back?

Apex Events had been a good host and organizer when we had our first bazaar at Valle Verder 5 December of 2007. To say the least the bazaar was a huge success and we promised to join other events to be hosted by Apex. Though in 2008, we were not able to encounter them in any of the bazaars we joined. Still they made a good mark on us and we wanted to work with them again. And now this???!!!!!!!!

I was really pissed off when Lia was telling me about it. I had so many questions that I tried calling their landline number found at their multiply site. Luckily I was able to get through their fax number. Let me share with you what transpired between me and the girl who answered.

carrie: hello, apex events office?
girl: sorry, hindi ito ang office ng apex events.
carrie: sino ang pwede kong kausapin regarding sa apex events?
girl: wala na ang apex events at wala na silang secretary.
carrie: ibig mo bang sabihin eh hindi na nag o-operate ang apex?
girl: tama
carrie: miss, ito kasi ang number na nakalagay sa multiply site nila, baka dito nakatira ang isa sa mga may ari ng apex?
girl: ah si justine go
carrie: nasaan si justine go, pwede ko ba sya makausap?
girl: wala si justine dito, nasa opisina
carrie: anong time uuwi si justine?
girl: madaling araw na
carrie: sige tatawag na lang ako ng madaling araw
girl: hindi sasagot ng phone si justine
carrie: bakit naman? nagtatago na ba sya?
girl: yan ang sinasabi ng maraming tao, pero hindi naman sya nagtatago at late lang umuuwi at maagang pumapasok sa opisina.
carrie: so ibig sabihin nga eh nagtatago sya
girl: isipin nyo na ang gusto nyong isipin
carrie: residential ba ito? anong address?
girl: # 42 riverside village pasig
carrie: ahh sa pasig pala ito, binaha kayo?
girl: oo
carrie: dapat lang kung ganyang ang ginagawa nyo sa kapwa nyo! sino ka? anong name mo?
girl: rina

After she said her name I slammed the phone down. I was so angry but I coundnt do anything about it. The people behind Apex are unreachable. I dont even know if that Justine Go really exists or that home number still exists. I just have this on mind...... let it be a learning experience for me and my cousin. Though we know that we could not possibly have our money back, we just hope that it was put to a good use.

We also found out that this had been happening as early as May 2009. To all the vendors who have been scammed like us, please share your story. Let us unite so that organizers such as Apex will no longer hurt others.

For your perusal.

Apex Events
c/o Justine Go
#42 Riverside Village
Pasig City
Landline : 480-5667
Fax: 655-9981

Four Seasons Bazaar at The Vue

Repost from my cousin Lia.

Please be advised that this event has been cancelled.

Here is the letter from the organizer:

To All Exhibitors,

Due to the devastation caused by Typhoon Ondoy last September 26, we from Four Seasons Creative Ventures have decided to forego of the October bazaar at the Bellevue. This is to give time to honor and help with the relief efforts being offered to the typhoon victims .

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cuenca Bazaar

I am fervently wishing that this coming weekend will be a different weekend - hoping for a bright and sunny two days. These days will be Creative Outlet's first stint at the Cuenca Bazaar. Bazaars held at Cuenca St in AAV is always always a great venue to showcase one's talent. Though Creative Outlet had been joining bazaars for the past 3 years now, we have been avoiding anything that has to do with Cuenca. Why? We felt that we still have a lot to hone with regards to our projects, techniques used, our table display and on how we mingle with our customers. Three years made a big difference. And now, we feel that we have grown, our projects are continuously evolving, we have learned and executed different beading techniques - we are ready and this coming weekend will be one "stormy" bazaar weekend sans the rain.

Wish us luck and hope to see you all this weekend!