Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank You Letter to our Valued Clients

Dear Creative Outlet Clients,

The Holiday Season is here and there are a lot of things to attend to and take care of. So much so that it is very easy to forget to thank our valued clients like you, for your orders and continued appreciation of our art work.

So, before we forget, thank you very much and may this Holiday Season bring you and your loved ones much blessings of hope, love and happiness.


Creative Outlet Team

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shekinah and BF Homes Shop Till You Drop Bazaar 2009-UPDATE

I always try to keep my promise so here is what I can share with you.

Shekinah Christian Training School-Paranaque

Since Shekinah is a school who would be the contact person other than the school's directress Ms. Hedy Bautista. It was the school's second year to hold bazaars. Parents are informed and are invited to join the event. Since my cousin Lia is a parent, Creative Outlet was again visible. There were no problems encountered with the school and its organizers. We were happy to talk to the kids and let them try on our creations. Its always nice to be appreciated by kids, they really give honest to goodness review. A repeat next year will be definite.

Shop Till You Drop Christmas Bazaar 2009-BF Homes Paranaque

We were one of the first concessionaires who reserved and paid early for this bazaar. The event was hosted by Pinoy Events Management. Contact person is Ms Pam Codera. It was our first bazaar inside our village. We were excited and hopeful that the event will turn our to be great. Though we did good at our sales, there were a lot of things that can be improved. I wanted to tell Pam about it but I never got a glimpse of her during the bazaar's 2 day sale. I dont know why but I got this feeling that there were a lot of concessionaires who would do the same thing as I have in mind. Now for the big question, would Creative Outlet be there next year? Well.... lets wait and see.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Shekinah and BF Homes Shop Till You Drop Bazaar 2009

The 4 day long bazaar paid off! We at Creative Outlet would like to thank everyone who supported us in these events. To those who unconditionally appreciated our works of art, to those who believed in us, and to those who ordered more, maraming salamat po!

More about the bazaars organizers in the next post :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crunch Time Again

After all of the family events last weekend, I barely have two days to prepare for an upcoming 4 day bazaar. But I can and will do my best to create a little of everything I do best.

Crunch time = adrenaline rush = more creative juices flowing = colorful creations

See you all at the Shekinah Christian School grounds on December 3 and 4. Bazaar opens at 8am till 5pm. Then at BF Homes Paranaque Park on the 5th and 6th from 9am till your feet aches or till your wallet frowns on you :D