Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Thankful For

Everyday we have a lot in mind to be thankful for. For one we are always always thankful that we are alive and is still making a difference in this world. No matter how big or small they are...still we are part of that difference.

I am so deeply thankful to two people I call friends. I have been touched by their generous heart and open mindedness. One I met a few years back through a friend who scrapbooks and the other I met only about two years ago through my husband. I do not see them often or communicate with them that much, but when we do correspond, we always feel love and understanding.

Maybe that is how true friendship is. I do not know much about it since I have very very few friends and more of acquaintances. But I am so glad that in this lifetime, I have felt love from these women.

So to Alby and Kate, may we continue to be friends and learn from each other until forever. May both of you be showered with love, happiness and joy throughout your lifetime. May both of you overcome the obstacles in your lives with flying colors. May both of you receive the desires of your heart always. God bless dear friends!

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