Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One of a Kind Pieces: From Me to You

Since yesterday my brain is working overtime thinking about a company name. I wanted it to be reflecting how I express and love my art. So for the meantime that I havent come up with one yet, let me refresh your memory of my collection. You can view them at Carrie Cordero

Let me remind you too of the services I offer.
  • Recreate an item which is already sold, please check designs in my flickr account.
  • Customize a design for you and your friends for that very unique 'YOU' look.
  • Restring a pre-loved item which you cannot use anymore.
  • Reserve a private time for you and your friends for an exclusive 'All Girl Accessory Party' of the collection in my home or I could bring them over to your home at your most convenient time.
I hope to share inspiring stories about my handmade jewelries to you, your family and girlfriends. Drop me a line or two at carriemcordero@gmail.com. Hear from you soon!


cellocarrots said...

Hi Carrie! Start posting pictures girl! Time to announce the opening of your new business and show 'em your stuff! I am so happy you habe a blog. Way to go.
Cheers, Dawn

Carrie Marcelo-Cordero said...

I will I will dear Dawn soon! =) Im so excited and cant wait for my new creations to be posted. Still waiting for the confirmation of my new business name though.