Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Craft Area

Here it is......(drum roll please) craft area!!!!!

This is my main working station. The table used to be a door. The drawers below houses my scrapbook stuff and the tool box on the right side houses my beads. I have a good view of a part of our garden on the right side. The front part opens up to our mini "bahay kubo" where we stay in the afternoons for snacks and for a little chat. The whole area used to be our dining area and receiving room.

I also displayed my old and worn out stethoscope. Its nice to recall my nursing stint from time to time. Brings me back to reality when Im so saturated with creative and maddening ideas.

This is a panoramic shot of the whole right side area. I made a sitting area of my own for friends and clients who visit. I still have to ask my husband to take pictures of the left side of my area where my magazines, family pictures and computer area is located. And things I thought of using as storage areas. Stay tuned!

Its nice to be organized again. It helps me be creative, resourceful and productive. The neat freak that I am, I always make it a point to clean after every project. Though it takes time to sort and put things in order, still I do the task at hand enjoying every moment of it.

A few days ago after arranging my stuff I got a call from a previous client ordering a few dozen of my beaded spoon and forks with rice ladles. To think the Holiday season is over. What a treat!!!!
And to top it all, just yesterday I got an sms from my Aunt's friend ordering 30 pieces of my bag jewels! Wow! Hmmmm, maybe I need to do this organizing stuff more often. ;)

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