Thursday, January 15, 2009

New look

... for the longest time I wanted to re-arrange my craft area. But....the procrastinator in me always, always kick in and laziness takes the precedence over anything else topped with an "it will not harm anyone" attitude eventually yield a result of chaos, disorder, disarray and my own madness!

With the new year and the goals I shared with you, I decided to include my craft area in my "very important thing/s to do" list. Now, the questions: will my area stay where it is now or transfer to another place in our home? will I still follow the same arrangement of all the things I need, will I still use the same furniture as before, and the bigger question is, how do I arrange my own clutter????

I have been tossing these questions since January 1, searching the web for sample pictures of scrapbook rooms, beading rooms, craft rooms and reading each blog article of Aby Garvey's Simplify 101. To answer the questions running through my mind, let me first tell you about our home. My home is divided into 3 sections, the first section welcomes you to our terrace which houses our dining area and receiving area, the second section welcomes you to my craft area/office and a little sitting room and the third section is going to the kitchen and a walk way towards the rooms.

Now that I have decided to revamp the arrangement of our home and finally making the big leap of arranging my craft clutter, our terrace now welcomes my family, relatives and friends to a new look: my craft area, with a small sitting room in a corner. The second section became our dining area with a new bookshelf to house my hubby's collection of books and the third section remains as is. I will share with you the pictures when everything is all dolled up and ready for a little photo session ;)

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