Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 Goals

Every first month of the new year I make a list of what to accomplish for my family, my craft and myself. A list I always have difficulty following. Why? Well, I dont know! Haha! For some reason I have this urge to make a list of what to do, make, give and create for a particular year but then again I hardly follow them. What a shame!

For this year, I will again make my list and hope to God that I will be able to follow them. Maybe I will be effective on following them if I share some of them with you.

For my family:
  • to help Din with our financial goals
  • to continue to make a comfortable and stress free home for Din and myself
  • to share with Din the excitement of having our own car by August
  • enjoy every minute I spend with my Hanebe
For my craft:
  • play with glue and paper (decoupage)
  • experiment with resin (I just hope I could find all the raw materials I need)
  • enjoy with making paper beads
  • have the guts to dip my hands with making something out of microscope slides
  • join more bazaars
For myself:
  • be stress free ( I know this is difficult to do but I have to try, my psoriasis will be very very very happy)
  • loose some excess baggage (I should try boxing again, maybe do some rounds with the jump rope and revive my enjoyment with aerobic dancing)
  • reach my personal financial goal
Well I think that's all for now. Hmm the big question is...will I have the power to do all of these? My answer: YES I CAN!!!!!

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