Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celebrating Milestones and Joys of Running

Isn't it nice to celebrate a love one's birthday and a few milestones through running and being able to meet new friends?

Din and I had the opportunity to experience just that last August 15 at Run to Read at the Fort. August 15 was the 100+ birthday of our beloved grandmother Lola Josie. And since she is not with us anymore Din decided to give her his own birthday gift by running his first 15km. Since this was the case, I too decided to dedicate my last 5km too to my dear Lola Josie. Happy birthday Lola!

To top the celebration, we were greeted by Ms Nora (Life Begins at 50) and her family. Nora and I had agreed to meet in person at the Takbo.ph Runfest but unfortunately I had a severe bout of asthma and was not able to run and meet Nora. Then I found out that Nora and her family will be running at Run to Read, so I looked forward to our meeting. During the race I totally forgot that Nora will be there running with her children, I was surprised when she took the chance to greet me and Din. I was so happy to meet Nora and her kids. At last I had the chance to meet the person behind the very inspiring blog Life Begins at 50. with Ms Nora and daughter Eia

with Nora's family

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