Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bazaar Lessons

Everyday we learn something new and improve the things we know. It had been 3 years now that my cousin Lia and I have joined bazaars, still there were so many things that had to be learned. I would like to share with you some of those.
  • SMILE! - Though we sometimes feel uncomfortable, say the weather is too hot or its raining, we have to smile for our customers. This gesture never failed me and my cousin. Sometimes a customer is just passing by but a very warm smile can make her/him stop by the booth and most often than not she/he brings home a bag or two.
  • An organized set up.- a messy booth will never make an impression. We must be creative not only with what we sell but with our booth set up as well. . We can showcase our items by color scheme or by make.
  • Make sure you have a SALE corner. - There are people who are bargain suckers. They dont get tired rummaging around the sale area like there is no tomorrow. I myself is a lover of bargains! Grab them while their there or be sorry!
  • Dont get the negativity of other vendors pull you down.- Well, there are really people who find fault in others. Im my opinion these kinds of people should not be permitted to join bazaars or any show for that matter. Sometimes they take my groove out of me. I just remind myself over and over the reasons why Im doing this and that they are not included in those reasons.
  • Never look bored or not interested in what's going on even when we are (sometimes or most of the time). - Some customers like to be attended to and some dont. Either way, we should be very approachable and attentive to them. Let us not be a regular sales person, let us be the best sales person we can.
  • Dress the part of an artist.- Yup, I know I am my best model. I tried my best and I succeeded...me wearing dangling earrings and a statement ring is such a huge success!
  • Most of all - have FUN.- I did and I hope my cousins did too.
Many many thanks to my cousin Lia for forever supporting me in this events. We are the team behind Creative Outlet.

To my other cousins who tried their luck selling food. Andy, your homemade sauces are great! Just believe that you can, I know you can do it. One step at a time kiddo! To my Aunt Julia, your banana cakes sold like ice cream! Yey! To James and Pao, I loved your Tacos so much. And Abby, it was the first time I tasted quesadillas and I love it. Let us keep on trying to be our best all the time. Though sometimes we loose and sometimes we win, there are still a lot of winning when we learn from our mistakes.

And of course, our compound family and compound friends - Im so happy to see you there supporting our booth and the food booth too. It is very rare to see family and friends during these kinds of events but you were all there for us...forgetting about the rain, humidity and the wet feeling. Thank you so much!

See you all again at Bellevue Hotel Bazaar on October 24 and 25.

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Bets said...

Great job sharing the lessons you've learned so far. Being open to learning new things and ways to improve ourselves is the best thing we can do for ourselves. You have what it takes to do well at the bazaars.