Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tree of Life

Since I started researching and learning to do simple wire work, I have been enticed by how people do their own version of the famous tree. When you search the net, you would see countless interpretations in color, size and wire to use. I tried my hands with the materials I have on hand and came up with these results. Below are my translations.

Luckily all of these pendants were sold at our recently concluded bazaar last September 6 at the Tahanan Village. I even had pending orders to make and deliver. I think these made a statement all on its own. The Tree of Life made a debut at our booth and hopefully in every Filipina wardrobe.

My cousin reserved this piece before the bazaar. She got it the day before the show and brought it to Singapore and Bali as part of her wardrobe. Thanks again Meg!

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