Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tahanan Village Bazaar Pictures

Here are pictures from last Sunday's Tahanan Village Bazaar.

Lia and me with Tita Nini behind our booth set up. Yes we know there are a lot of things we can improve. Dont worry we are working on it ASAP. =)

Our friend Kathy's booth (she's the one in red together with her sister and husband). She sold organic products. Im so proud of you Kathy! You showed me how to be the best sales person I can be. You're a terrific example my dear! Good job! Go Green! Go organics!

Cousins and friends behind the food booth. Keep on believing in yourselves kids. I know you can do good next time. Do your share and believe that you can...blessings will come a hundred fold.


r u s s said...

I think there were some lapses on the part of the organizers -- kulang sa Marketing & Promotions. I wouldn't know that there was a bazaar in Tahanan if it weren't for the invite that Ate Lia sent me in Facebook. Parang kulang, so sayang yung opportunity. The organizers should have also helped their participants.

But the whole bazaar was experience was fun because friends were there.Ü There will be more bazaars. I ♥ Bellevue bazaars, favorite naman yun ni D kase hindi mainit. Hahaa. We'll be there in October.

Carrie Marcelo-Cordero said...

The bazaar is a yearly event by the Village's church Russ. Its really a fund raising occasion. The more concessionaires the more fund. Though I agree with you medyo kulang sa publicity sa mga residents outside Tahanan. Meron isang tarp lang sa labas ng village. But sometimes its also the things that we sell that matters. And most of all its how we sell/market them. Kung nakaupo lang tayo waiting for customers to come and ask us something, ay naku wala talaga mangyayari. I for one wont go to booths whose sellers are not smiling or just sitting down minding their own worlds. And location of the booth is also a thing to consider.

Naku you werent able to see us when we had our WTC bazaar last year. Konti ng tao at meron pa entrance fee. But Lia and I pulled it off and went home very very very happy. In 3 days I think we took home around 5 figures. =)

Anyways, the kids will have their share of ups and more downs along the way. Its just up to them to turn silver into gold.

r u s s said...

That's true Ate Carrie. If you're manning a booth, you really have to be pleasant otherwise walang customers na lalapit. Mas masarap bumili pag mabait yung nagbebenta.Ü