Monday, September 14, 2009

Bazaar Caravan 2009

It had been almost 3 years since I joined a bazaar. My first was at Tahanan Village Bazaar in 2007 with my cousins Lia and Irene as partners of Creative Outlet. Though cousin Irene opted to pursue a different endeavor, Lia and I continued on with the biz, maintaining the fire so to speak. From our first show of 2007 we have been to our first Bazaar Caravan in 2008. And now we our on our way to our second Bazaar Caravan. Who would imagine that we could sustain the fire and the passion with what we do. Though we may not be able to create all the things that our imaginations can dream of, we are happy with what we can do and will be able to do in the future. That said, I would like to invite all of you to join me and Lia to a never ending world of color, shapes, beads, laughter and happines as we look forward yet again for another fun-filled Bazaar Caravan for 2009.

  • 1st---was at the recently concluded Tahanan Village Bazaar and Foodfest
  • 2nd--- will be at Gawad Kalinga CFC Best Buy Bazaar at Cuenca Ayala Alabang Village on October 10-11 from 9am-7pm
  • 3rd--- will be at the Bellevue Hotel Bazaar on October 24-25
  • 4th--- is on November 21-22 at the Valle Verde 5 Christmas Bazaar from 9am-1030pm
  • 5th--- will be on November 28-29 at the Christmas Wish Bazaar, Makati Sports Club from 9am-7pm
  • 6th---will be at the Shop Till You Drop at UBFHAI on December 5-6
Our schedule dates are quite hectic but we are all set, projects completed, new items on hand, with a lot of surprises awaiting every modern girl!

Come and see us at these shows and Im sure you will have the best Christmas gifts for that special someone, family and friends.


r u s s said...

Goodluck Ate Carrie.Ü
With the bazaar caravan and with the Christmas season just around the corner, it really looks like you will be very very busy, but for sure, it's all worth your time.. effort.. and energy. Goodluck again to you and Ate Lia.

Carrie Marcelo-Cordero said...

Many thanks Russ! ;-)