Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bazaar Surprises

Here are some of the things that people will see in my upcoming bazaar. I hope they will like them. Each piece is done with a lot of love, time and inspiration. Of course with milk and music too. Oh and a little bit of dancing as well. :D


I will still showcase my bestsellers- serving and dining spoon and forks, those colorful bag jewels and cute mobile twinkies.


Bets said...

Looking at these pieces, I have no doubt that you will do well at your bazaar. Your pieces are unique and beautiful. Be sure to wear some so that buyers see how they look on.

aBIGwhale said...

ate carrie! abby here :D your neighborhood friend :D sa tapat hehe..

Saw your link via Russ' blog :D

I like the 2nd one :D I'll buy =] the silver one with the coils.. :D


Carrie Marcelo-Cordero said...

@bets: thanks for the advice sweetie...come to think of it i never wear anything i make during bazaars....hmmmm better start now! thanks again! =)

@abby: sure sure abby...reserve ko na sya for you :D dalaw ka rin sa Tahanan Village Bazaar on sept 6 if you have time. One day event lang sya..meron rin food table si lia, andy and pao. see you there! :)

r u s s said...

They're very pretty Ate Carrie. You can tell that they're done with care and not just bara-bara.

The 2nd & 3rd items are ♥!
I have this long and current fixation with circles and the color red. What time's the bazaar again on the September 6? I know I was invited in Facebook.Ü

Carrie Marcelo-Cordero said...

Thanks for appreciating Russ! Bazaar starts at 8m till around 7pm. C u!