Saturday, July 26, 2008

myscrapworks stint

When one gets active in the scrapbooking world, one comes across a lot of personalities. Ladies from all walks of life who share the same passion for one craft. Varied we may all seem, we all share the love for papers, embellishments, tools, chipboards, flowers…everything the scrapbooking world could offer.

One group stood out to be on top of my list. MSW (, the people behind MSW are so diverse yet we all share the same passion of introducing the Philippines into the scrapbooking world.

As I became part of MSW family, I have had the privilege of contributing two articles titled as Altered Tags and Tipid Tips. It was an honor to be featured in the site. But the greatest joy in giving was the fact that I have shared something with other scrappers.

More than the articles, I am very pleased to be part of a friendship that knows no bounds. The ladies of MSW together with their families became my scrapbooking relatives. We have shared a number of good times in and out of the site.

However, the MSW family have to take some time away. For how long nobody knows. Although we are now on our individual lives and activities, I do hope that one day the site will be reborn and that we could all continue sharing, loving and creating new pages to cherish.

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