Sunday, July 20, 2008

At last...


I am Carrie Lynn. I have been hooked with scrapbooking as a form of therapy. Yes, therapy. You see, I have a skin disease known as psoriasis.

Since scrapbooking is a form of self expression and art, it helped keep my mind off my ailment. I became too busy with cutting papers, page designing and playing with everything colorful and nice.

Now, as my psoriasis is improving, I still scrapbook but beading and now wire work became new engagements. All three crafts became my friends of who keeps me busy all the time.

I am married to a wonderful and very supportive man in Din. He captures the most precious moments and beautiful creations through his photography and I make the memories came alive through my scrapbooking and creativity at its finest in my beading and wire works. Together we make life's memories lasts.

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