Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Once More

This entry should be about 'Wednesday Once More' but my connection just had to take a break and so as my entry :(

Anyhow, its Thursday and its 12:11am! Alright, alright here is what you get on a Thursday morning......a table full of beads and beading materials, an empty drinking tumbler, a radio station who plays your favorite song [RJ 100.3], and a very quiet home. I should be getting some zzzzzzzzz time now but I cant and wont go to bed until I finish my entry.

Now, what will I be sharing on a Thursday morning? Ahhh, my first ever published article at titled Altered Tags

But that's not all, you might as well make a layout from a budget... read and learn Tipid Tips

So, there you have it. A project on a budget on a Thursday. Sounds good!

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