Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reminiscing High School

How lucky am I to be part of CRACLSCAJJ. The first C from our group's name. Last March 22, I was with some of the ladies who belong to the same group. Years of not being together did not alter anything in our friendship.

Yes there where changes but subtle changes easily taken for granted. I had a blast with my high school friends. We reminisced about our old school, the activities we used to do, old crushes and old loves.

Here are some of our precious moments.

It will always be nice to see old friends, to blend into each others lives again, to get to know them again, and to accept and love the person they have become. I will always be grateful to be part of CRACLSCAJJ [Carrie,Rina,Althy,CheChe,Leizl,Simon,Cris,Antonette,Joy,Jojo].

Reminiscing high school will never be the same again.

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