Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home Alone...again

Its Wednesday and its the first day of the next 10 days that I will be alone. Alone in the sense that my hubby Din flew to the US to attend on a lot of meetings with his counterparts and a meeting with a new client.

Though Im here in the province in my Mother's home, with my Mom and siblings and their spouses, I still feel alone. Maybe because I am so close to Din and havent had the chance to adjust with the kind of work he has. In almost 8 years I havent. I dont know why. Or maybe I just refuse to adjust and feel alone when he travels. Really, I dont know why.

I am not lonely, I do not feel sad, I go about with my chores BUT I am alone.....and I miss my Din. Maybe I should take this feeling a notch higher and reflect on my life for a change. Its something I havent done in a long time and maybe, just maybe, now is the right time. This sounds great. The activity will do me good and will contribute a lot to my marriage.

Now, maybe I wont feel alone anymore. I have tons of things to think about, reflect and decide upon. Hmm, yes, this will be good. Maybe in the end I will feel glad that I have to be alone to reflect on my life and plan for the future.


r u s s™ said...

Somehow, I can relate to your post, Ate Carrie. I cry each time D has to go to the States to visit his dad.Ö Hay. Haha.

But I think it is normal, especially if you're used to being together -- what more with you and Kuya Din, you live in the same house and you're married! So if I find it hard to be away from D, how much harder can things be with you.

On the lighter side, it'll only be a few more days and Kuya Din will be back. Smile.Ü

Carrie said...

Until now I have not gotten used to being away from my Din. I dont know why but I too cry when he goes on official trips.

Is it the cry baby in me? Haha! Two more days and I'll be happy again. ;)