Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pastor with psoriasis delayed in boarding plane

I will be boarding Cebu Pacific Airlines soon and I fervently wish that the incident that happened to one of my fellow Psoriasis sister will not happen to me. She was delayed in boarding a local Cebu Pacific flight. The airline's reason is that she has Psoriasis and they are asking for a medical certificate issued by her doctor. WHAT!!!! These people have to be educated before they open their mouths and ask for medical certificates.

The people behind Psoriasis Philippines are always in a crusade to alleviate the conditions of people with Psoriasis. This also include advocating to a greater community that Psoriasis is NOT CONTAGIOUS. Since I joined Psorphil last year I have always been in awe how the officers and moderators of the community move mountains to make a Psoriasis patient's life easy, livable, happy, and fruitful. They have been through different means to attract media to help with the spreading of the news. And this incident happens.

I am saddened to what happened to Pastor Magnolia. More distressed by Cebu Pacific's lame excuse. I hope Cebu Pacific management will look into this incident further and start including a formal education on the different communicable diseases that we have and the effects of airline travel on them. Im sure they will discover that Psoriasis is not on the list and that traveling by air wont do anything to a person with psoriasis.

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