Monday, November 23, 2009

Valle Verde 5 Mega Christmas Bazaar 2009

It had been three years since Creative Outlet joined the bazaars held at Valle Verde 5, Pasig City Philippines. Three fruitful years of selling, meeting new friends, new clients and having new things to learn. The last two bazaars was with Red Golden Events managed by friends JR and Malou Tiu and Rishi and Jovan Lee.

Let me share with you some of the things I learned/observed from last weekend's event.
  • The management of Red Golden Events are very visible during bazaar days. I often see them taking photos of booths and talking with sellers. ---As a seller I feel very much at ease when organizers are always ready/visible to assist us in our questions/needs. Open communication is always fostered.
  • As always the booths are properly named and numbered.---It was not a difficult job for us to locate our booth. Though before hand we always review the floor plan and layout and remember our booth number, still this gesture from the organizers is a great help for sellers like me who becomes a bit crazy before a bazaar. Haha!
  • Be ready to have ample change.---Maybe it had become a routine but it helps a lot when I go to the bank a day before the bazaar and have them change my bills into smaller denominations. This way I do not bother anyone if a client hands in a large bill.
  • Have a mini tool kit with you.---This will make life really easy in a bazaar. Things like scissors, paper, ballpens, pins, extra packaging, pentel pens, and other paraphernalia needed to help you make a sale.
  • Always bring a big smile and a positive attitude with you.---This simple gesture of smiling and greeting your clients will make a huge difference on sales. A positive attitude will exude from within and be felt by clients. Clients will feel comfortable and will most often give you some of their precious time and money as well.
  • Make friends with other sellers.---You will never know if you will be meeting them again or if you will become one of their client one day. Having contacts is not bad...increase your network- they are there for us to explore and discover.
I hope you will are able to pick some tips which you can apply. Please do share some of your bazaar tips with me too :D

I have been holding on to this words of Ken Tan of "It is about having the enterprising character to DREAM, CREATE and make great things happen for yourself and others". From these words I have formulated my entrepreneural strategy for the next year. I hope that I will continue dreaming and most especially continue on creating something for all of you.

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Anonymous said...

BOOOOO!! To RED GOLDEN EVENTS!! di man lang nigawa nila part nila as events hello??THERE ARE NO BAND or PERFORMERS..and NO RAFFLES and GAMES..panu ma-eentice ung mga tao to go there sa venue..113 booths times P4500 = P508,500..di ba enough ung funds nila??kahit almost half lang nyan, di pa ba enough there are also less expenses usually kapag may sponsors..kung andun nga sila..they've seen for sure, kung ilang tao lang ung they've also seen na rin how much loss un para sa mga may booths, pati tiredness, NOT WORTHY!! sa tingin ba nila, may booth na nabawi man lang ung rent or even ung capital nila..I'm sorry I'll post this in your page.. I just really need to express this agony..and please inform your friends.. If they have conscience, they will give refund for all those who have booths in the said events..For the spirit of Christmas, let's do what is fair naman sana for nowadays, with all the crises that happened,people worked so hard to recover..again, kindly please inform the organizers.. thank you!!