Monday, November 9, 2009

Aluminum wire vs Copper wire

Will I be playing with aluminum wire or copper wire today?

This question have always been a big dilemma for me every time I decide to work on a project. Like any beading material, copper wire and aluminum wire have its ups and downs. Let me share with you some of the things I have encountered so far.

Aluminum wire
  • In the beading store I frequent they have aluminum wire gauges 16-20, their wire gauge availability may be enough for some people like me who works with G-16-18 but it may not be for some serious wire workers.
  • Sometimes the wires are marred though I always wipe my wires with a terry cloth and follow it up with a kitchen scrub then again with my terry cloth.
  • You can get your wires per kilo basis. 1/4 kilo will go a long way.
  • Not all beads could fit in a G 16 wire which is my wire of choice when making beaded home accessories.
  • In time (about 2 years or so) aluminum wire looses its luster especially when the wire is subjected to frequent washing and scrubbing.
  • Wires are easy to twist and turn, very ideal for free form designs.

Copper wire
  • In the store I frequent there are lots of wire gauges to choose from and a lot of copper shades too.
  • Copper wires, in my opinion has more aesthetic appeal in terms of material to use when making jewelry.
  • You can also get your copper wires per kilo basis. I could make approximately 30-40 pieces of rings in a 1/4 kilo wire.
  • My first copper wire ring was in late 2007 and until now its still looks the way I got it.
  • I havent used copper wire to make free form designs though but I have been using it as base for my bead weaving ring projects. They turn out to be perfect with the help of my wigjig and my hilarious ideas and color matches.
Well I guess I didn't make enough comparison of both wires. I think it might be best if you could try them out and share your experiences with me instead. :D

Here are some of the projects I made using both wires.

Now, will I be playing with both wires today? Yes I am!

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