Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tahanan Village Bazaar 2010

Its official! Creative Outlet is registered at the upcoming Tahanan Village Bazaar to be held on September 5. This time my two dear cousins/partners will not be able to join due to work related activities but nevertheless I assure you my dear customers that I will be showcasing the best of what I do and will be able to do. If you have been a loyal customer, you will be able to guess the material/s I so very like to play with - aluminum wire! And yes, I added a new kind of wire to "compete" with my ever loyal aluminum. Yes, you read it correct, I said compete, why? with the versatility of the new wire that I am playing with right now, I think it will surpass the aluminum's popularity in terms of color, shine and design. But then again, who knows. Now its up to you to discover what I'm trying to say here :)

See you all at the bazaar on 5 September 2010 from 8am-8pm booth # 3. From the covered courts entrance just turn left. :)

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