Monday, June 7, 2010

New Creations for Creative Outlet UPDATE

Remember my post last May 3 ? Well then, here they are - my newest creations for Creative Outlet. After almost a month of waiting, Din had the chance to get a picture of them.

These are made from copper wire which I got from the hardware store. I experiemented my hands on making jewelry chain specifically the Byzantine Chain from this Davidchain. David's site is awesome! His tutorials are very easy to follow, thus making the journey of discovery so enjoyable. The first picture from the top is my version of the Byzantine Chain. The second and third pictures were experiments using different kinds of medium to make circles most especially with my jig.

Since I love bracelets most especially chain and charm bracelets, I thought of trying to make my own from scratch using my favorite medium - wire. After much experimenting here they are, my own version of charm bracelets made from aluminum wire. Its so lightweight and goes with any outfit of my choice.

I really had fun making these and a lot more. So see you in our next bazaar sometime in September and surely I will surprise you with more new and exciting pieces.


Nora, the golden girl said...

You are an amazing woman, Carrie! I can't wait to meet you in person and touch your creations.

BTW, kindly check your settings in your runningduo blogsite. No comment can get through. Hope you can solve the problem right away 'coz I'm really really excited to post my comment there since the time that you wrote that very touching comment in my blog.

God bless you and Din!

Nora, the golden girl

Carrie Marcelo-Cordero said...

Its now working dear Nora! :D Post away dear!

Nora, the golden girl said...

Hello again Carrie!

I tried posting again in the runningduo blog but it still doesn't work . . .

Will post it here instead:

Yes, Anna is truly an inspiration. I bet noone in this world could possibly do what she has done -- joining a 5K race without any prior preparation or training. And she did it out of her great love for her only daughter Faye, who requested her mother to accompany her in her 5K run for Ilog Pasig.

It took me 1 whole year to train for my first 5K race, and yet this remarkable woman did it in a snap, armed only with an overwhelming love for her daughter. Kaya saludo talaga ako kay Anna.

At saludo din ako sa 'yo Carrie. Given what you've been through, you are a "hero" to survive the storms and do something positive not only for yourself but for other people as well. What you're doing now is simply admirable. Kahanga-hanga ka Carrie.

I can't wait for the runfest to finally meet you in person!

Carrie Marcelo-Cordero said...

hi nora, it is a blessing that our paths have crossed. i believe that we could learn a lot from each other and apply what we will learn in our own lives.

i have a cousin who is autistic and i am always amazed with our conversations. i always always learn something from him, things i myself will never think of especially with computers. though we have a very big age gap, he never seizes to amaze me. aside from that he is very malambing. he is my only cousin who gives the warmest hug.

see you sooooon dear nora! rain or shine din and i will be at runfest =)