Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jewelry Lessons

About 3 days ago I stumbled upon a site that teaches people how to make jewelries. Jewelry Lessons by Eni Oken and Friends. I thought I would find a lot of tutorials on how to help me spice up the projects I am into now. But lo and behold! jewelry lessons is a site for wire lovers! And what a coincidence that I am bored with my free hand wire designs and wanted to put on more. opened my eyes to a new world with wire. A world where the saying "the possibilities are endless" is so TRUE. I have been up burning the midnight oil browsing through the site's many tutorials (downloaded the free ones *wink*), reading the articles and tips section, giving out comments and familiarizing myself with their more than a hundred teachers' work of art. Still I couldn't get my eyes off the site, the excitement keeps on mounting with every page I read. :)

Because of my craft table is in chaos now with everything I have that could help me with my first serious wirework. I just have to decide on what to do and how to execute my plan. :) For that.....stay tuned!


Russ said...

Learning really is a never-ending process and with technology & the internet, it just gets better each day. Goodluck Ate Carrie.

Carrie said...

Thanks dear Russ. Im just waiting for Din to take pictures of my very first creations. I made 2 pieces (pendants) in one day! Yipeeee! :D