Friday, November 14, 2008

Mobile Phone Charms for Psorphil's Anniversary

It all seem that I'm always always busy with beading, joining bazaars and selling my works of art. It certainly is not the case. Though it looks like I'm always thinking of beading and the like, I also think of my psoriasis online group Psorphil. The people behind the group are always in my mind and heart.

It was sad that I wasnt able to join my "family" with the recently concluded Psorphil Anniversary, NPPC Symposium and Fellowship Night, World psoriasis Day Funwalk 2008, Psorsports 2008 and PsoReach for the Elderly. The different activities were celebrated in about a week last month. Though I wasn't there to be with them physically, I was definitely with them in mind and heart. I longed for the pictures of the events to come out in the members' individual web accounts. It was a joy to look at the pictures and read their different comments on each picture.

Though I was not there, I made sure that a part of me is physically there with all of them. I made a couple of cellphone charms for the members who participated at the WPD Funwalk 2008. Below are the pictures my husband Din took before I gave them the charms.

I hoped everyone who got one liked it 'cause I enjoyed making them. I hope to be with the group in next years' round of activities.

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